Podcast #5: Coursera Debrief

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Jeff and I talk with Brian Caffo about teaching MOOCs on Coursera.

  • Jim Hunter

    Roger: I hope you do offer the Computing for Data Analysis course again. I took the first two weeks of the class, but I had to take my family on vacation for the last two weeks. Great vacation but they didn't let me do any work or study. So, I want to take it again and finish it. You are an excellent teacher and you've organized the material on R really well. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Jim Hunter, São Paulo, Brasil

    • Roger Peng

      I can't believe your family didn't let you work on your vacation! :) Don't worry, we'll be back. Stay tuned!

      • dennislwm

        Hi Dr Roger, I was one of the students in the top 10% of your class, who had completed all the assignments. I was wondering if you are able to create an advanced course for Data Analysis in R as this would be meaningful for the top 10% students from your class. In particular, I think that there should be a lecture on XPath expression, as this was not covered in the first course. Thanks for the SOA and your efforts.

  • Brian Caffo

    Thanks for doing this guys. It was a lot of fun.

    • jeromyanglim

      Great work on the Mathematical Statistics course. I also think it's good that you kept the calculus prerequisite. There's a lot of content already on the internet pitched at the introductory level. However, there's not much on mathematical statistics. I also think your followup course and the course on linear models would be really valuable.

      • Brian Caffo

        Thank you!

  • Rich Gillin

    Thanks for the perspectives. Coming to Peng's class with about 2 years of familiarity with R relieved me of much of the fright one could have with attempting to learn R. I feel an intro to R for non-programmers would be ideal.

    Looking forward to Leek's class and getting more of the analysis part of "data analysis".

    Kudos and cheers.

    +Rich Gillin on G+

    look us up #Rcircle

  • Farrel Buchinsky

    Thanks. Very interesting podcast. How can I get your stream of podcasts into my BeyondPod pod catcher. I want to subscribe to them and listen to them as I drive or bicycle to work. Is there an RSS feed of audio from the podcasts?

  • Nirav

    I missed the computing for data analysis class. Could I have access to the videos and assignments so I can be upto speed with that?