Send me student/postdoc blogs in statistics and computational biology

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I've been writing a blog for a few years now, but it started after I was already comfortably settled in a tenure track job. There have been some huge benefits of writing a scientific blog. It has certainly raised my visibility and given me opportunities to talk about issues that are a little outside of my usual research agenda. It has also inspired more than one research project that has ended up in a full blown peer-reviewed publication. I also frequently look to blogs/twitter accounts to see "what's happening" in the world of statistics/data science.

One thing that gets me incredibly fired up are student blogs. A few of my students have them and I read them whenever they post. But I have found it is hard to discover all of the blogs that might be written by students I'm not directly working with.

So this post is designed for two things:

(1) I'd really like it if you could please send me the links to twitter feeds/blogs/google+ pages etc. of students (undergrad, grad or postdoc) in statistics, computational biology, computational neuroscience, computational social science, etc. Anything that touches statistics and data is fair game.

(2) I plan to create a regularly-maintained page on the blog with links to student blogs  with some kind of tagging system so other people can find all the cool stuff that students are thinking about/doing.

Please feel free to either post links in the comments, send them to us on twitter, or email them to me directly. I'll follow up in a couple of weeks once I have things organized.

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