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AAAS S&T Fellows for Big Data and Analytics

Thanks to Steve Pierson of the ASA for letting us know that the AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship program has a new category for "Big Data and Analytics". For those not familiar, AAAS organizes the S&T Fellowship program to get … Continue reading

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The return of the stat - Computing for Data Analysis & Data Analysis back on Coursera!

It's the return of the stat. Roger and I are going to be re-offering our Coursera courses: Computing for Data Analysis (starts Sept 23) Sign up here. Data Analysis (starts Oct 28) Sign up here.

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Evidence-based Data Analysis: Treading a New Path for Reproducible Research (Part 2)

Last week I posted about how I thought the notion of reproducible research did not go far enough to address the question of whether you could trust that a given data analysis was conducted appropriately. From some of the discussion … Continue reading

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Interview with Ani Eloyan and Betsy Ogburn

Jeff and I interview Ani Eloyan and Betsy Ogburn, two new Assistant Professors in the Department of Biostatistics here. Jeff and I talk to Ani and Betsy about their research interests and finally answer the burning question: "What is the … Continue reading

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Statistics meme: Sad p-value bear

I was just at a conference where the idea for a sad p-value bear meme came up (in the spirit of Biostatistics Ryan Gosling). This should not be considered an endorsement of p-values or p-value hacking.

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Did Faulty Software Shut Down the NASDAQ?

This past Thursday, the NASDAQ stock exchange shut down for just over 3 hours due to some technical problems. It's still not clear what the problem was because NASDAQ officials are being tight-lipped. NASDAQ has had a bad run of … Continue reading

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Stratifying PISA scores by poverty rates suggests imitating Finland is not necessarily the way to go for US schools

For the past several years a steady stream of articles and opinion pieces have been praising the virtues of Finish schools and exalting the US to imitate this system. One data point supporting this view comes from the most recent … Continue reading

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If you are near DC/Baltimore, come see Jeff talk about Coursera

I'll be speaking at the Data Science Maryland meetup. The title of my presentation is "Teaching Data Science to the Masses". The talk is at 6pm on Thursday, Sept. 19th. More info here.

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Chris Lane, U.S. tourism boycotts, and large relative risks on small probabilities

Chris Lane was tragically killed¬†(link via Leah J.)¬†in a shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma. According to the reports, it sounds like it was apparently a random and completely senseless act of violence. It is horrifying to think that those kids were … Continue reading

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Treading a New Path for Reproducible Research: Part 1

Discussions about reproducibility in scientific research have been on the rise lately, including on this blog. There are many underlying trends that have produced this increased interest in reproducibility: larger and larger studies being harder to replicate independently, cheaper data … Continue reading

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