How to Host a Conference on Google Hangouts on Air

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We recently hosted the first ever Simply Statistics Unconference on the Future of Statistics. In preparing for the event, we learned a lot about how to organize such an event and frankly we wished there had been a bit more organized documentation on how to do this. The various Google web sites were full of nice videos demonstrating how cool the technology is, but not much in the way of specific instructions on how to get it done.

I posted on GitHub my step-by-step list of instructions for how to set up and run a conference on Google Hangouts on Air in the hopes that someone would find it useful. I'm also happy accept corrections if something there is not right.

  • ZHD

    Just wanted to say the conference was great. Excellent panel. Enjoyed a lot of the discussion about the difference between prediction and inference.

  • Pick Technologies

    This is really good information. Thanks.

  • Greg

    This is very helpful. Thanks Roger!