Simply Statistics Interview with Michael Eisen, Co-Founder of the Public Library of Science (Part 1/2)

Jeff and I had a chance to interview Michael Eisen, a co-founder of the Public Library of Science, HHMI Investigator, and a Professor at UC Berkeley. We talked with him about publishing in open access and how young investigators might publish in open access journals under the current system. Watch part 1 of the interview above.

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  • Brian

    Any chance you'll publish a transcript?

  • L. Collado Torres

    This is Michael Eisen's post they are referring to

  • PubPeer

    He almost did it. Michael obviously likes the idea but he just can't bring himself to say PubPeer. He points out that it would change everything he dislikes about publishing but he just can't bring himself to mention it. It's curious.