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  • Kelly Blachford

    I am a marketing/business intelligence professional that just finished the Data Analysis course. Want you to know that the material was amazing and I learned a bunch. Thank you Jeffrey Leek!

  • Jan Sutherland

    Ditto the huge thank you, Jeffrey! Just listened to the Course Wrap up Podcast with Roger - and totally agree that the exposure of all of us at various levels to each other was extremely important and satisfying. Really felt great when and MD, PhD statistician for 30 years (collapsing a few profiles there) had either the same trouble I was having or even better - trouble with a question I had solved in a heartbeat! Then the graciousness of help from others for the ones we just couldn't wrap our heads around revealed the real value of the message boards. And you are right, the naive perspective phenomena is truly worth working to keep in there.

    I really think it would be valuable to do the class again, incorporating the reproducibility component if you can (there has to be a way...), some of the other insights you gained, and keeping the level of difficulty. I know a lot of us hope you do it.

    Great course, going to do the stats boot camp.

    And Loving the Witten sister's research.

  • Leslie Ann Malanog

    Hello professors,

    My name is Leslie Ann Malanog. I am a 10th grade
    student from Leilehua High School in Oahu, Hawaii. I have a project that I’m
    doing for my Health Services Academy class. I’m doing a research project about
    your profession. I am very interested in learning more about how your job works.
    I would love to set up an interview with you at your convenience to talk more
    about your work and how you see your career.

    If one of you are available for an interview, it would be nice if I got your email so that communicating with you would be easier. My email is I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Leslie Ann Malanog

    • jtleek

      Leslie - Happy to do it. If you email me at I'd be happy to speak with you for your project. - Jeff

  • vattenskada

    Interesting to see …. thank you it's well done :)