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The Real Reason Reproducible Research is Important

Reproducible research has been on my mind a bit these days, partly because it has been in the news with the Piketty stuff, and also perhaps because I just published a book on it and I'm teaching a class on … Continue reading

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Post-Piketty Lessons

The latest crisis in data analysis comes to us (once again) from the field of Economics. Thomas Piketty, a French economist recently published a book titled Capital in the 21st Century that has been a best-seller. I have not read … Continue reading

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The Big in Big Data relates to importance not size

In the past couple of years several non-statisticians have asked me "what is Big Data exactly?" or "How big is Big Data?". My answer has been "I think Big Data is much more about "data" than "big". I explain below. … Continue reading

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10 things statistics taught us about big data analysis

In my previous post I pointed out a major problem with big data is that applied statistics have been left out. But many cool ideas in applied statistics are really relevant for big data analysis. So I thought I'd try to answer the … Continue reading

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Why big data is in trouble: they forgot about applied statistics

This year the idea that statistics is important for big data has exploded into the popular media. Here are a few examples, starting with the Lazer et. al paper in Science that got the ball rolling on this idea. The … Continue reading

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JHU Data Science: More is More

Today Jeff Leek, Brian Caffo, and I are launching 3 new courses on Coursera as part of the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization. These courses are Exploratory Data Analysis Reproducible Research Statistical Inference I'm particularly excited about Reproducible Research, not … Continue reading

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Confession: I sometimes enjoy reading the fake journal/conference spam

I've spent a considerable amount of time setting up filters to avoid getting spam from fake journals and conferences. Unfortunately, they are exceptionally good at thwarting my defenses. This does not annoy me as much as I pretend because, secretly, … Continue reading

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Picking a (bio)statistics thesis topic for real world impact and transferable skills

One of the things that was hardest for me in graduate school was starting to think about my own research projects and not just the ideas my advisor fed me. I remember that it was stressful because I didn't quite … Continue reading

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Correlation does not imply causation (parental involvement edition)

The New York Times recently published an article on education titled "Parental Involvement Is Overrated". Most research in this area supports the opposite view, but the authors claim that "evidence from our research suggests otherwise".  Before you stop helping your children … Continue reading

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The #rOpenSci hackathon #ropenhack

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Alyssa Frazee, a graduate student in the Biostatistics department at Johns Hopkins and a participant in the recent rOpenSci hackathon.  Last week, I took a break from my normal PhD student schedule … Continue reading

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