Rafa's Statistical Genomics

Jeff's Data Analysis [Coursera]

Roger's Computing for Data Analysis [Coursera]

  • Jozo Leko

    Question for Roger:
    How to access this course materials because course has finished?
    I hope that u have it somewhere and it is downloadable...

  • Alex

    Hi Roger,

    since I wasn`t able to download all the material (the PDF of each course) from the "Computing for Data Analysis" course website it would be great if you could upload them on this site



  • meer karim

    Hi Roger,

    I missed your course " Computing for Data Analysis ", can you please post the link for downloading course material.


    • Luke C Boris

      I'm pretty sure you can still sign in to Coursera, enroll in the class, and watch the material even though the class has finished - Good luck!

    • Beatriz A. Trejo
    • Jonathan Cachat

      I also realize that the videos are on youTube - but I am in the middle of Data Analysis now, and cannot download the Computing for Data Analysis files from coursera anymore because the class is over - is there a place where we can download the entire package??

    • superfish

      Hi, karim

      this is the youtube link for the last,, enjoy.

  • Tamo

    Roger's course was intense; took up 5 of my Friday+weekends. The assignments are easy if you follow the lecture material and are willing to monkey around with R (especially those that have never used it before). But you really have to take a keen interest in the material to be able to solve the programming assignments because they are anything but a cakewalk. Still wish we could have that certificate from Johns Hopkins, Roger. But thanks anyway, again!

  • Claudio Cortesi

    I'm interested in Data Analysis, but I have no programming skills. Could be useful for me the course "Data Analysis" by Jeff? Thank you

  • Nathan

    Hi Roger,

    I attended your "Computing for Data Analysis" course on Coursera. The programming part of the course was too advanced for me but it gave me a good introduction to R functions. Will you please offer the course again? The course content was very helpful with my current job and I would like to complete your course. Thank you for putting it on Coursera.


    • AndRew

      I also really enjoyed the class but was over my head as a programmer and statistician learning to walk so to speak in both those pairs of shoes. I feel that with the materials I gained from the class I can practice for a while and I am hoping to get that oh so pretty certificate next time around. Will you repeat this course? If so, when?

      • nathan

        Yeah hopefully it will be repeated. No word on when. Maybe next time for 8 weeks. I spent an entire Saturday on the first half of a problem set. I am also taking introduction to computational finance, it starts again March 11th, which is a great introduction to R.

  • Aaron Hogie Hogan

    RD PENG:

    I want to thank you so much for your "killer" videos outlining the R basics! It has helped me tremendously in learning the program. THANKS AGAIN!

    For those who want to view the videos, the youtube like is:

  • Joe

    Really enjoyed Computing for Data Analysis but only joined part way through so could only do the first two weeks!

    I know the videos are on YouTube but I really miss doing the quizzes, they were a great way to learn by testing my knowledge!

    Any chance the quizes could be posted somewhere please?

  • Maxwell Williams

    Any chance the Computing for Data Analysis course will be available on Coursera again soon? Please?

  • Juan

    i missed cours Computing for Data Analysis too. I want to acces this course materials. thanks


    Juan Timms

  • Sara

    Hi! I missed the "Data Analysis" course, can you please post the link for downloading course material.


  • Tetyana

    Hi, Roger!
    Thank you for providing Computing for Data Analysis. I use your lections as a manual for working with R. I have a question concerning the make.NegLogLik function. Inside this function you write the other function without a name. As I know to call a function I have to provide its name. Could you please explaine how such function is called?

  • Sinan

    Hey how can I access materials of Jeff's Data Analysis. I tried coursera but I cant find the lecture materials, it seems they are not open right now. Thanks

  • Rob

    Here is the link to Jeff's slides if you need them..

    • Kushwanth Naga Goutham

      thank you

  • dp

    Is there a way to download all the assignments material from the Analysis with R course?

    I was enrolled, but was travelling at the time of the course, with limited internet. I would love to revisit the material on my own time. Cheers.