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Sunday data/statistics link roundup 12/23/12

A cool data visualization for blood glucose levels for diabetic individuals. This kind of interactive visualization can help people see where/when major health issues arise for chronic diseases. This was a class project by¬†Jeff Heer's Stanford CS448B students Ben Rudolph … Continue reading

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On weather forecasts, Nate Silver, and the politicization of statistical illiteracy

As you know, we have a thing for statistical literacy here at Simply Stats. So of course this column over at Politico got our attention (via Chris V. and others). The column is an attack on Nate Silver, who has … Continue reading

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Once in a lifetime collapse

Baseball Prospectus¬†uses Monte Carlo simulation to predict which teams will make the postseason. According to this page, on Sept 1st, the probability of the Red Sox making the playoffs was 99.5%. They were ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays by … Continue reading

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