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How to use Bioconductor to find empirical evidence in support of π being a normal number

Happy π day everybody! I wanted to write some simple code (included below) to the test parallelization capabilities of my  new cluster. So, in honor of  π day, I decided to check for evidence that π is a normal number. A … Continue reading

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A Shiny web app to find out how much medical procedures cost in your state.

Today the front page of the Huffington Post featured the new data available from the CMS that shows the cost of many popular procedures broken down by hospital. We here at Simply Statistics think you should be able to explore … Continue reading

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Introducing the healthvis R package - one line D3 graphics with R

We have been a little slow on the posting for the last couple of months here at Simply Stats. That’s bad news for the blog, but good news for our research programs! Today I’m announcing the new healthvis R package … Continue reading

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Podcast #6: Data Analysis MOOC Post-mortem

Jeff and I talk about Jeff's recently completed MOOC on Data Analysis.

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Statisticians and computer scientists - if there is no code, there is no paper

I think it has been beat to death that the incentives in academia lean heavily toward producing papers and less toward producing/maintaining software. There are people that are way, way more knowledgeable than me about building and maintaining software. For … Continue reading

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Review of R Graphics Cookbook by Winston Chang

I just got a copy of Winston Chang's book R Graphics Cookbook, published by O'Reilly Media. This book follows now a series of O'Reilly books on R, including an R Cookbook. Winston Chang is a graduate student at Northwestern University but … Continue reading

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R package meme

I just got this from a former student who is working on a project with me: Awesome.    

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Make a Christmas Tree in R with random ornaments/presents

Happy holidays!     Link to Gist

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Computing for Data Analysis Returns

I'm happy to announce that my course Computing for Data Analysis will return to Coursera on January 2nd, 2013. While I had previously announced that the course would be presented again right here, it made more sense to do it … Continue reading

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I give up, I am embracing pie charts

Most statisticians know that pie charts are a terrible way to plot percentages. You can find explanations here, here, and here as well as the R help file for the pie function which states: Pie charts are a very bad … Continue reading

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