Sunday Data/Statistics Link Roundup (2/12)

  1. An awesome alternative to D3.js - R’s svgAnnotation package. Here’s the paper in JSS. I feel like this is one step away from gaining broad use in the statistics community - it still feels a little complicated building the graphics, but there is plenty of flexibility there. I feel like a great project for a student at any level would be writing some easy wrapper functions for these functions. 
    1. How to run R on your Android device. This is very cool - can’t wait to start running simulations on my Nexus S.
    2. Interactive word clouds via John C. and why word clouds may be dangerous via Jason D. 
    3. Trends in APIs - there are more of them! Go get your free data. 
    4. A really interesting paper by Gary King on how to get a paper by exactly replicating, then building on or discussing, the results of a previous publication. 
    5. 25 minute seminars - I love this post by Rafa, probably because my attention span is so short. But I think 25-30 minute talks are optimal for me to learn something, but not start to zone out…
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