Data Startups from Y Combinator Demo Day

Y Combinator, the tech startup incubator, had its 15th demo day. Here are some of the data/statistics-related highlights (thanks to TechCrunch for doing the hard work):


    This company seems to me like a meta-data company. It compiles your data from other sites.

  • MTH SENSE: IMPROVING MOBILE AD TARGETING “Most [mobile] ads served are blind. Mth sense’s solution adds demographic data to ads through predictive modeling based on app and device usage. For example, if you have the Pinterest, and Vogue apps, you’re more likely to be a soccer mom.” Hmm, I guess I’d better delete those apps from my phone….

  • SURVATA: REPLACING PAYWALLS WITH SURVEYWALLS Survata’s product replaces paywalls on premium content from online publishers with surveys that conduct market research.

  • RENT.IO — RENT PRICE PREDICTION says it wants to “optimize pricing of the single biggest recurring expense in lives of 100 million Americans.&rdquo

  • BIGCALC: FAST NUMBER-CRUNCHING FOR MAKING FINANCIAL TRADING DECISIONS BigCalc says its platform for financial modeling scales to enormous datasets, and purportedly does simulations that typically take 22 hours in 24 minutes.

  • DATANITRO — A BACKBONE FOR FINANCE-RELATED DATA DataNitro’s founders have both worked in finance, and they say they know from experience that financial industry software is basically “held together with duct tape.” A big problem with the status quo is how data is exported from Excel.

  • STATWING: EASY TO USE DATA ANALYSIS Most existing data analysis tools (in particular SPSS) are built for statisticians. Statwing has created tools that make it easier for marketers and analysts to interact with data without dealing with arcane technical terminology. Those users only need a few core functions, Statwing says, so that’s what the company provides. With just a few clicks, users can get the graphs that they want. And the data is summarized in a single sentence of conversational English.

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