Sunday data/statistics link roundup (12/16/12)

  1. A directory of open access journals. Very cool idea to aggregate them. Here is a blog post from one of my favorite statistics bloggers about why open-access journals are so cool. Just like in a lot of other areas, open access journals can be thought of as an open data initiative.
    1. Here is a website that displays data on the relative wealth of neighborhoods, broken down by census track. It’s pretty fascinating to take a look and see what the income changes are, even in regions pretty close to each other.
    2. More citizen science goodness. Zooniverse has a new project where you can look through a bunch of pictures in the Serengeti and see if you can find animals.
    3. Nate Silver talking about his new book with Hal Varian. (via). I have skimmed the book and found that the parts about baseball/politics are awesome and the other parts seem a little light. But maybe that’s just my pre-conceived bias? I’d love to hear what other people thought…
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