Simply Statistics Future of Statistics Speakers - Two Truths, One Lie #futureofstats

Our online conference live-streamed on Youtube is going to happen on October 30th 12PM-1PM Baltimore (UTC-4:00) time. You can find more information here or sign up for email alerts here. I get bored with the usual speaker bios at conferences so I am turning our speaker bios into a game. Below you will find three bullet pointed items of interest about each of our speakers. Two of them are truths and one is a lie. See if you can spot the lies and sign up for the unconference!

Hadley Wickham

  • Created the ggplot2/devtools packages.
  • Developed R’s first class system.
  • Is chief scientist at RStudio.

Daniela Witten

  • Developed the most popular method for inferring Facebook connections.
  • Created the Spacejam algorithm for inferring networks.
  • Made the Forbes 30 under 30 list twice as a rising scientific star.

Joe Blitzstein 

  • A Professor of the Practice of Statistics at Harvard University.
  • Created the first statistical method for automatically teaching the t-test.
  • His statistics 101 course is frequently in the top 10 courses on iTunes U.

Hongkai Ji

  • Developed the hmChIP database of over 2,000 ChIP-Seq and ChIP-Chip data samples.
  • Coordinated the analysis of the orangutan genome project.
  • Analyzed data to help us understand sonic-hedgehog mediated neural patterning.

Sinan Aral

  • Coined the phrase “social networking potential”.
  • Ran a large randomized study that determined the value of upvotes.
  • Discovered that peer influence is dramatically overvalued in product adoption.

Hilary Mason

  • Is a co-founder of DataGotham and HackNY
  • Developed computational algorithms for identifying the optimal cheeseburger
  • Founded the first company to create link sorting algorithms.
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