Sunday data/statistics link roundup (1/19/2014)

  1. Tesla is hiring a data scientist. That is all.
    1. I’m not sure I buy the idea that Python is taking over for R among people who actually do regular data science.  I think it is still context dependent. A huge fraction of genomics happens in R and there is a steady stream of new packages that allow R users to push farther and farther back into the processing pipeline. On the other hand, I think language diversity is clearly a plus for someone who works with data. Not that I’d know…
    2. This is an awesome talk on why to pursue a Ph.D.. It gives a really level headed and measured discussion, specifically focused on computational programs (I think I got to it via Alyssa F.’s blog).
    3. En Español - A blog post about a study of genetic risk factors among Hispanic/Latino populations (via Rafa).
    4. Where have all the tenured women gone? This is a major issue and deserves much more press than it gets (via Sherri R.).
    5. Not related to statistics really, but these image captures from Google streetview are wild. 
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