Andrew Jaffe pointed me to It looks like a new way of making presentations. Andrew made an example here in just a couple of minutes. Here is one about Coca-Cola.

Things I like: 

  1. I go to a lot of Beamer/Powerpoint talks, these presentations at least look different and could be interesting. 
  2. It is cool how it is easy to arrange slides in a non-linear order and potentially avoid clicking forward a few slides then back a few slides
  3. I also like how the “global picture” of the talk can be shown in a display. 

Things I’m not worried about:

  1. All the zooming and panning might start to drive people nuts, like slide transitions in powerpoint. 
  2. There is serious potential for confusing presentations, organization is already a problem with some talks. 
  3. There is potential for people to spend too much time on making the prezi look cool and less on content. 

Update: From the comments Abhijit points out that David Smith put together a presentation on the R ecosystem using Prezi. Check it out here.