Sunday data/statistics link roundup (3/4)

  1. A cool article on Github by the folks at Wired. I’m starting to think the fact that I’m not on Github is a serious dent in my nerd cred. 
  2. Datawrapper - a less intensive, but less flexible open source data visualization creator. I have seen a few of these types of services starting to pop up. I think that some statistics training should be mandatory before people use them. 
  3. An interesting blog post with the provocative title, “Why bother publishing in a journal” The story he describes works best if you have a lot of people who are interested in reading what you put on the internet. 
  4. A post on stackexchange comparing the machine learning and statistics cultures. 
  5. Stackoverflow is a great place to look for R answers. It is the R mailing list, minus the flames…
  6. Roger’s posts on Beijing air pollution are worth another read if you missed them. Particularly this one, where he computes the cigarette equivalent of the air pollution levels.