Welcome to Simply Statistics 2.0

Roger Peng

Welcome to the re-designed, re-hosted and re-platformed Simply Statistics blog. We have moved the blog over to the WordPress platform to give us some newer features that were lacking over at tumblr. So far the transition has gone okay but there may be a few bumps over the next 24 hours or so as we learn the platform. Remember, we’re not the young hackers that we used to be.

A few things have changed. First off, the search box actually works. Also, in moving the Disqus comments over, we seem to have lost all of the old comments. So unfortunately many of your gems from the past are now gone. If anyone knows how to retain old comments on Disqus, please let us know! I think Jeff’s been banging his head for a while now trying to figure this out.

We’re hoping to roll out a few new features over the next few months so keep an eye out and come back often.