Sunday data/statistics link roundup (1/13/2013)

Jeff Leek
  1. These are some great talks. But definitely watch Michael Eisen’s talk on E-biomed and the history of open access publication. This is particularly poigniant in light of Aaron Swartz’s tragic suicide. It’s also worth checking out the twitter hashtag #pdftribute .
  2. An awesome flowchart before a talk given by the creator of the R twotuorials. Roger gets a shoutout (via civilstat).
  3. This blog selects a position at random on the planet earth every day and posts the picture taken closest to that point. Not much about the methodology on the blog, but totally fascinating and a clever idea.
  4. A set of data giving a “report card” for each state on how that state does in improving public education for students. I’m not sure I believe the grades, but the underlying reports look interesting.