Sunday data/statistics link roundup (5/12/2013, Mother’s Day!)

Jeff Leek
  1. A tutorial on deep-learning, I really enjoyed reading it, but I’m still trying to figure out how this is different than non-linear logistic regression to estimate features then supervised prediction using those features? Or maybe I’m just naive….
  2. Rafa on political autonomy for science for a blog in PR called 80 grados.  He writes about Rep. Lamar Smith and then focuses more closely on issues related to the University of Puerto Rico. A very nice read. (via Rafa)
  3. Highest paid employees by state. I should have coached football…
  4. Newton took the mean. It warms my empirical heart to hear about how the theoretical result was backed up by averaging (via David S.)
  5. Reinhart and Rogoff publish a correction but stand by their original claims. I’m not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. But it definitely is an overall win for reproducibility.
  6. Statesy folks are getting some much-deserved attention. Terry Speed is a Fellow of the Royal Society, Peter Hall is a foreign associate of the NAS, Gareth Roberts is also a Fellow of the Royal Society (via Peter H.)
  7. Statisticians go to the movies and the hot hand analysis makes the NY Times (via Dan S.)

Bonus Link!  Karl B.’s Github tutorial is awesome and every statistician should be required to read it. I only ask why he gives all the love to Nacho’s admittedly awesome Clickme package and no love to healthvis, we are on Github too!