Simply Statistics #JSM2013 Picks for Monday

Roger Peng

I’m sadly not able to attend the Joint Statistical Meetings this year (where Nate Silver is the keynote speaker!) in the great city of Montreal. I’m looking forward to checking out the chatter on #JSM2013 but in the meantime, here are the sessions I would have attended if I’d been there. If I pick more than one session for a given time slot, I assume you can run back and forth between the two.

** * 2-3:50pm: I have a soft spot in my heart for a good MCMC session like Challenges in Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Modern Applications (CC-510d); I also have a soft spot for visualization and Simon Urbanek - Visualizing Big Data Interactively (CC-510b) * 4-5:50pm: I would check out Nate Silver’s talk (CC-517ab)

Have fun!