Announcing the Simply Statistics Unconference on the Future of Statistics #futureofstats

Jeff Leek

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We here at Simply Statistics are pumped about the Statistics 2013 Future of Statistical Sciences Workshop (Nov. 11-12). It is a great time to be a statistician and discussing the future of our discipline is of utmost importance to us. In fact, we liked the idea so much that we decided to get in the game ourselves.

We are super excited to announce the first ever “Unconference” hosted by Simply Statistics. The unconference will focus on the Future of Statistics and will be held October 30th from 12-1pm EST. The unconference will be hosted on Google Hangouts and will be simultaneously live-streamed on YouTube. After the unconference is over we will maintain a recorded version for viewing on YouTube. Our goal is to compliment and continue the discussion inspired by the Statistics 2013 Workshop.

This unconference will feature some of the most exciting and innovative statistical thinkers in the field discussing their views on the future of the field and focusing on issues that affect junior statisticians the most: education, new methods, software development, collaborations with natural sciences/social sciences, and the relationship between statistics and industry.

The confirmed presenters are:

Follow us on Twitter or sign up for the Unconference at In the month or so leading up to the conference we would also love to hear from you about your thoughts on the future of statistics. Let us know about your ideas on Twitter with the hashtag #futureofstats, we’ll be compiling the information and will make it available along with the talks so that you can tell us what you think the future is.

Tell your friends, tell your family, it is on!