Sunday data/statistics link roundup (9/29/13)

Jeff Leek

The links are back! Read on.

  1. Susan Murphy - a statistician - wins a Macarthur Award. Great for the field of statistics (via Dan S. and Simina B., among others).
  2. Related: an Interview with David Donoho about the Shaw Prize. Statisticians are blowing up! (via Rafa)
  3. Hope that the award winners don’t lose momentum! (via Andrew J.)
  4. Hopkins grad students take to the Baltimore Sun to report yet more ongoing negative effects of sequestration. Particularly appropriate in light of the current mayhem around keeping the government open. (via Rafa)
  5. Great BBC piece featuring David Spiegelhalter on the science of chance. I rarely watch Youtube videos that long all the way through, but I made it to the end of this one.
  6. Love how Yahoo finance has recognized the agonized cries of statisticians and is converting pie charts to bar charts. (via Rafa - who has actually given up on the issue).
  7. Don’t use Hadoop - your data aren’t that big.
  8. Don’t forget to sign up for the future of statistics unconference October 30th Noon-1pm eastern. We have an awesome lineup of speakers and over 500 people RSVP’d on google plus alone. It’s going to be a thing.