Sunday data/statistics link roundup (10/6/2013)

Jeff Leek
  1. A fascinating read about applying decision theory to mathematical proofs. They talk about Type I and Type II errors and everything. 
  2. Statistical concepts explained through dance. Even for a pretty culture-deficient dude like me this is cool.
  3. Lots of good talks from the WIN Workshop, including by one of our speakers for the Unconference on the Future of Statistics.
  4. The best advice for graduate students (or any academics) I have seen in my time writing the Sunday Links. You must try, and then you must ask (via Seth F.).
  5. Alberto C. has a MOOC on infographics and visualization that looks pretty cool. That way you can avoid this kind of thing.
  6. This picture is awesome. Nothing to do with statistics. (via @AstroKatie).
  7. If you aren’t reading Thomas L.’s notstatschat, you should be.
  8. Karl B. has an interesting presentation on open access that is itself open access. First Beamer theme I’ve seen that didn’t make me want to cover my eyes in sadness. My only problem is I wish open access publishing wasn’t so expensive. Can’t we just use a blog/figshare to publish journals that are almost as good. This dude says peer review is old news anyway.