Sunday data/statistics link roundup (11/3/13)

Jeff Leek
  1. There has been a big knockdown-dragout battle in the blogosphere over how GTEX is doing their analysis. Read the original post here, my summary here, and the response from GTEX here. I agree that the criticism bordered on hyperbolic but also think that methods matter. I also think that consortia are under pressure to get something out and have to use software that works, I’m sympathetic cause that must be a tough position to be in, but it is important to remember software runs != software works well.
  2. Chris Bosh thinks you should learn to code. Me too. I wonder if the Heat will give me a contract now?
  3. Terry Speed wins the Prime Minister’s Prize for science. Here is an awesome interview with him. Watch to the end to find out how he is gonna spend all the money.
  4. Learn faster with the Feynman technique. tl;dr = practice teaching what you are trying to learn.
  5. Via Tim T. Jr. check out this interactive version of Simpson’s paradox. Super slick and educational.
  6. Stats used to determine the Gold Glove (in part).
  7. An angry newcomer’s guide to data types in R, dangit!
  8. Accidental aRt - accidentally beautiful creations in R.