Future of Statistics take home messages. #futureofstats

Jeff Leek

A couple weeks ago we had the Future of Statistics Unconference. You can still watch it online here. Rafa also attended the Future of Statistical Sciences Workshop and wrote a great summary which you can read here.

I decided to write a summary of take home messages from our speakers at the Unconference. You can read it on Github here. I put it on Github for two reasons:

  1. I agree with Hadley’s statement that the future of statistics is on Github.
  2. I summarized them based on my interpretation and would love collaboration on the document. If you want to add your new thoughts/summaries, add a new section with your bullet pointed ideas and send me a pull request!

I sent our speakers a gift for presenting in the Unconference (if you were a speaker and didn’t get yours, email me!). Hadley posted the front on Twitter. Here is the back:

2013-11-21 10.16.54

P.S. Stay tuned for the future of Simply Statistics Unconferences.