A non-comprehensive comparison of prominent data science programs on cost and frequency.

Jeff Leek

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.29.53 AM

We did a really brief comparison of a few notable data science

programs for a grant submission we were working on. I thought it was pretty fascinating, so I’m posting it here. A couple of notes about the table.

  1. Our program can be taken for free, which includes assessments. If you want the official certificate and to take the capstone you pay the above costs.

  2. Udacity’s program can also be taken for free, but if you want the official certificate, assessments, or tutoring you pay the above costs.

  3. The asterisks denote programs where you get an official master’s degree.

  4. The MOOC programs (Udacity’s and ours) offer the more flexibility in

the terms of student schedules. Ours is the most flexible with courses

running every month. The in person programs having the least

flexibility but obviously the most direct instructor time.

  1. The programs are all quite different in the terms of focus, design,

student requirements, admissions, instruction, cost and value.

  1. As far as we know, ours is the only one where every bit of lecture

content has been open sourced (https://github.com/DataScienceSpecialization)