JHU Data Science: More is More

Roger Peng

Today Jeff Leek, Brian Caffo, and I are launching 3 new courses on Coursera as part of the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization. These courses are

I’m particularly excited about Reproducible Research, not just because I’m teaching it, but because I think it’s essentially the first of its kind being offered in a massive open format. Given the rich discussions about reproducibility that have occurred over the past few years, I’m happy to finally be able to offer this course for free to a large audience.

These courses are launching in addition to the first 3 courses in the sequence: The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, R Programming, and Getting and Cleaning Data, which are also running this month in case you missed your chance in April.

All told we have 6 of the 9 courses in the Specialization available as of today. We’re really looking forward to next month where we will be launching the final 3 courses: Regression Models, Practical Machine Learning, and Developing Data Products. We also have some exciting announcements coming soon regarding the Capstone Projects.

Every course will be available every month, so don’t worry about missing a session. You can always come back next month.