SwiftKey and Johns Hopkins partner for Data Science Specialization Capstone

Jeff Leek

I use SwiftKey on my Android phone all the time. So I was super pumped up I use [SwiftKey](http://swiftkey.com/en/) on my Android phone all the time. So I was super pumped up to run in October 2014. To enroll in the course you have to pass the other 9 courses in the Data Science Specialization.

The 9 courses have only been running for 4 months but already 200+ people have finished all 9! It has been unbelievable to see the response to the specialization and we are exited about taking it to the next level.

Around the world, people are spending an increasing amount of time on their mobile devices for email, social networking, banking and a whole range of other activities. But typing on mobile devices can be a serious pain. SwiftKey, our corporate partner in this capstone, builds a smart keyboard that makes it easier for people to type on their mobile devices. One cornerstone of their smart keyboard is predictive text models. When someone types:

I went to the

the keyboard presents three options for what the next word might be. For example, the three words might be gym, store, restaurant. In this capstone you will work on understanding and building predictive text models like those used by SwiftKey.

This course will start with the basics, analyzing a large corpus of text documents to discover the structure in the data and how words are put together. It will cover cleaning and analyzing text data, then building and sampling from a predictive text model. Finally, students will use the knowledge gained in our  Data Products course to build a predictive text product they can show off to their family, friends, and potential employers.

We are really excited to work with SwiftKey to take our Specialization to the next level! Here is Roger’s intro video for the course to get you fired up too.