HarvardX Biomedical Data Science Open Online Training Curriculum launches on January 19

Rafael Irizarry

We recently received We recently received  initiative to develop MOOCs for biomedical data science. Our first offering will be version 2 of my Data Analysis for Genomics course which will launch on January 19. In this version, the course will be turned into an 8 course series and you can get a certificate in each one of them. The motivation for doing this is to go more in-depth into the different topics and to provide different entry points for students with different levels of expertise. We provide four courses on concepts and skills and four case-study based course. We basically broke the original class into the following eight parts:

  1. Statistics and R for the Life Sciences
  2. Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra
  3. Advanced Statistics for the Life Sciences
  4. Introduction to Bioconductor
  5. Case study: RNA-seq data analysis
  6. Case study: Variant Discovery and Genotyping
  7. Case study: ChIP-seq data analysis
  8. Case study: DNA methylation data analysis

You can follow the links to enroll. While not required, some familiarity with R and Rstudio will serve you well so consider taking Roger’s R course and Jeff’s Toolbox course before delving into this class.

In years 2 and 3 we plan to introduce several other courses covering topics such as python for data analysis, probability, software engineering, and data visualization which will be taught by a collaboration between the departments of Biostatistics, Statistics and Computer Science at Harvard.

Announcements will be made here and on twitter: @rafalab