Statistics and R for the Life Sciences: New HarvardX course starts January 19

Rafael Irizarry

The first course of our Biomedical Data Science online curriculum

starts next week. You can sign up here. Instead of relying on

mathematical formulas to teach statistical concepts, students can

program along as we show computer code for simulations that illustrate

the main ideas of exploratory data analysis and statistical inference

(p-values, confidence intervals and power calculations for example).

By doing this, students will learn Statistics and R simultaneously and

will not be bogged down by having to memorize formulas. We have three types of learning modules: lectures (see picture below), screencasts and assessments. After each

video students will have the opportunity to assess their understanding

through homeworks involving coding in R. A big improvement over the

first version is that we have added dozens of assessment.

Note that this course is the first in an eight part series on Data Analysis for Genomics. Updates will be provided via twitter @rafalab.