An update on Georgia Tech’s MOOC-based CS degree

Roger Peng

This article in Inside Higher Ed discusses next steps for Georgia Tech’s ground-breaking low-cost CS degree based on MOOCs run by Udacity. With Sebastian Thrun stepping down as CEO at Udacity, it seems both Georgia Tech and Udacity might be moving into a new phase.

One fact that surprised me about the Georgia Tech program concerned the demographics:

Once the first applications for the online program arrived, Georgia Tech was surprised by how the demographics differed from the applications to the face-to-face program. The institute’s face-to-face cohorts tend to have more men than women and international students than U.S. citizens or residents. Applications to the online program, however, came overwhelmingly from students based in the U.S. (80 percent). The gender gap was even larger, with nearly nine out of 10 applications coming from men.