High school student builds interactive R class for the intimidated with the JHU DSL

Jeff Leek

Annika Salzberg is currently a biology undergraduate at Haverford College majoring in biology. While in high-school here in Baltimore she developed and taught an R class to her classmates at the Park School. Her interest in R grew out of a project where she and her fellow students and teachers went to the Canadian sub-Arctic to collect data on permafrost depth and polar bears. When analyzing the data she learned R (with the help of a teacher) to be able to do the analyses, some of which she did on her laptop while out in the field.

Later she worked on developing a course that she felt was friendly and approachable enough for her fellow high-schoolers to benefit. With the help of Steven Salzberg and the folks here at the JHU DSL, she built a class she calls R for the intimidated which just launched on DataCamp and you can take for free!

The class is a great introduction for people who are just getting started with R. It walks through R/Rstudio, package installation, data visualization, data manipulation, and a final project. We are super excited about the content that Annika created working here at Hopkins and think you should go check it out!