New class - Data App Prototyping for Public Health and Beyond

Jeff Leek

Are you interested in building data apps to help save the world, start the next big business, or just to see if you can? We are running a data app prototyping class for people interested in creating these apps.

This will be a special topics class at JHU and is open to any undergrad student, grad student, postdoc, or faculty member at the university. We are also seeing if we can make the class available to people outside of JHU so even if you aren’t at JHU but are interested you should let us know below.

One of the principles of our approach is that anyone can prototype an app. Our class starts with some tutorials on Shiny and R. While we have no formal pre-reqs for the class you will have much more fun if you have the background equivalent to our Coursera classes:

If you don’t have that background you can take the classes online starting now to get up to speed! To see some examples of apps we will be building check out our gallery.

We will mostly be able to support development with R and Shiny but would be pumped to accept people with other kinds of development background - we just might not be able to give a lot of technical assistance.

As part of the course we are also working with JHU’s Fast Forward program to streamline and ease the process of starting a company around the app you build for the class. So if you have entrepreneurial ambitions, this is the class for you!

We are in the process of setting up the course times, locations, and enrollment cap. The class will run from March to May (exact dates TBD). To sign up for announcements about the class please fill out your information here.