The Machines Learn But We Don't

I was genuinely amazed at this article by George Nott published in Computerworld quoting Peter Norvig on explainable artificial intelligence. From the article: Speaking at an event at UNSW in Sydney on Thursday, Norvig – who at NASA developed software that flew on Deep Space 1 – said: “You can ask a human, but, you know, what cognitive psychologists have discovered is that when you ask a human you’re not really getting at the decision process.

The end of in-class lectures is closer than I thought

Our previous post on future of (statistics) graduate education was motivated by he Stanford online course on Artificial Intelligence. Here is an update on the class that had 160,000 people enroll. Some highlights: 1- Sebastian Thrun has given up his tenure at Stanford and he’s started a new online university called Udacity. 2- 248 students got a perfect score: they never got a single question wrong, over the entire course of the class.