Sunday data/statistics link roundup (4/15)

Incredibly cook, dynamic real-time maps of wind patterns in the United States. (Via Flowing Data) A d3.js coding tool that updates automatically as you update the code. This is going to be really useful for beginners trying to learn about D3.¬†Real time coding¬†(Via Flowing Data) An interesting blog post describing why the winning algorithm in the Netflix prize hasn’t actually been implemented! It looks like it was too much of an engineering hassle.

Sunday data/statistics link roundup (1/29)

A really nice D3 tutorial. I’m 100% on board with D3, if they could figure out a way to export the graphics as pdfs, I think this would be the best visualization tool out there. A personalized calculator that tells you what number (of the 7 billion or so) that you are based on your birth day. I’m person 4,590,743,884. Makes me feel so special…. An old post of ours, on dongle communism.