Email is a to-do list made by other people - can someone make it more efficient?!

This is a follow-up to one of our most popular posts: getting email responses from busy people. This post had been in the drafts for a few weeks, then this morning I saw this quote in our Twitter feed: Your email inbox is a to-do list created by other people (via) This is 100% true of my work email and I have to say, because of the way those emails are organized - as conversations rather than a prioritized, organized to-do list - I end up missing really important things or getting to them too late.

Getting email responses from busy people

I’ve had the good fortune of working with some really smart and successful people during my career. As a young person, one problem with working with really successful people is that they get a _ton_ of email. Some only see the subject lines on their phone before deleting them. I’ve picked up a few tricks for getting email responses from important/successful people: The SI Rules Try to send no more than one email a day.