Machine Learning

Interview with Drew Conway - Author of "Machine Learning for Hackers"

Drew Conway Drew Conway is a Ph.D. student in Politics at New York University and the co-ordinator of the New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup. He is the creator of the famous (or infamous) data science Venn diagram, the basis for our R function to determine if your a data scientist.┬áHe is also the co-author of Machine Learning for Hackers, a book of case studies that illustrates data science from a hacker’s perspective.

Kindle Fire and Machine Learning

Amazon released it’s new iPad competitor, the Kindle Fire, today. A quick read through the description shows it has some interesting features, including a custom-built web browser called Silk. One innovation that they claim is that the browser works in conjunction with Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform to speed up the web-surfing experience by doing some computing on your end and some on their end. Seems cool, if it really does make things faster.