Sunday Data/Statistics Link Roundup (9/23/12)

Harvard Business school is getting in on the fun, calling the data scientist the sexy profession for the 21st century. Although I am a little worried that by the time it gets into a Harvard Business document, the hype may be outstripping the real promise of the discipline. Still, good news for statisticians! (via Rafa via Francesca D.’s Facebook feed).  The counterpoint is this article which suggests that data scientists might be able to be replaced by tools/software.


Andrew Jaffe pointed me to It looks like a new way of making presentations. Andrew made an example here in just a couple of minutes. Here is one about Coca-Cola. Things I like:  I go to a lot of Beamer/Powerpoint talks, these presentations at least look different and could be interesting.  It is cool how it is easy to arrange slides in a non-linear order and potentially avoid clicking forward a few slides then back a few slides I also like how the “global picture” of the talk can be shown in a display.