The landscape of data analysis

I have been getting some questions via email, LinkedIn, and Twitter about the content of the Data Analysis class I will be teaching for Coursera. Data Analysis and Data Science mean different things to different people. So I made a video describing how Data Analysis fits into the landscape of other quantitative classes here: Here is the corresponding presentation. I also made a tentative list of topics we will cover, subject to change at the instructor’s whim.

Data visualization and art

Mark Hansen is easily one of my favorite statisticians today. He is a Professor of Statistics at UCLA and his collaborations with artists have brought data visualization to a whole new place, one that is both informative and moving.┬áHere is a video of his project with Ben Rubin called Listening Post. The installation grabs conversations from unrestricted chat rooms and processes them in real-time to create interesting “themes” or “movements”.

[youtube] “Any other team wins the World Series, good for them…if we win, with this team … we’ll have changed the game.” Moneyball! Maybe the start of the era of data. Plus it is a feel good baseball movie where a statistician is the hero. I haven’t been this stoked for a movie in a long time. (Source: